PLUS - Intensive and exclusive treatment:

PLUS® is an additional differentiated service which we attach to the existent ones in our clinic.

Involves the fusion of intensive kind customized assistance and applying the concept of FULL MOUTH, make the treatment of existing disease that affects both the gums and the dental organs.

  • EXCLUSIVE: because you are the only patient.
  • INTENSIVE: that optimize their time, concentrating on one or two queries the actions of multidisciplinary staff at your service.

About the service:

It is aimedfor people who can attend ONLY ONE OR TWO SESSIONS, either: RESIDENTS:

Whose intense daily activity does not allow them to meet the schedule of multiple queries. Apprehensive that can meet your aesthetic and functional problems without stress, under sedation. With transfer problems. Others.

NON-RESIDENTS, during their temporary stay in Uruguay.

We merged the PLUS ® assistance, strategic alliance with leading hotel chains and travel agents in our system TURISMO EN SALUD®. Both consist of the provision of specialized dental services, high quality and excellent cosmetic result.

In intensive regimen as only patient in intensive care, we comply with the consultation record schedules and standards of international time requirement.

The pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement in oral health and aesthetics, in pursuit of a better quality of life, are the principles that characterize us and distinguish.

We aim to share with you this new service, as we have done with all our achievements and already we invite you to visit us.

Av. 18 de Julio 878 / 702 - Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel: +598 2900 2130

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